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1: The Meaning of Meaning

1.1 Suspended Reason
1.2 Wrench
1.3 LIVE
1.4 Suspended Reason

Starting from scratch: meaning, intent, and entailment.

2: Context and Social Games

2.1 Wrench
2.2 Suspended Reason
2.3 Wrench
2.4 LIVE

From case studies to general principles.

3: Stacked Games and Mutual Futures Modeling

3.1 Hazard's Thread
3.2 The TIS Discord
3.3 Reason

How we keep double ledgers, or, "having the cake and eating it too."


Spirit vs. Letter

The lessons of Midas.


An indicator comes to stand in for some indicated whole.


Reason & Rutten 2018: Predictive Hermeneutics


Suspended Reason: Introduction to Strategic Interactionism

Crispy Chicken: The Efficient Transaction Hypothesis

Chickenman: The Reality-Games-Narratives-Morality Approach


Episode 1: What's This About Games

Episode 2: Finite and Infinite Games

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