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Reason & Rutten 2018: Predictive Hermeneutics

Surprisal, cognitive updating, and the avant-garde.

Situating LessWrong in Contemporary Philosophy (In Progress)

Reinventing the wheel, or breaking new ground?

Discursive Games, Discursive Warfare

Why do people argue different positions depending on who they're talking to?


1: The Meaning of Meaning

Starting from scratch: meaning, intent, and entailment.

1.1 Reason
1.2 Crispy
1.3 LIVE
1.4 Reason
1.5 P. Modernist
1.6 Reason
1.7 P. Modernist

2: Context and Social Games

From case studies to general principles.

2.1 Crispy
2.2 Reason
2.3 Crispy
2.4 LIVE

3: Stacked Games and Mutual Futures Modeling

How we keep double ledgers, or, "having your cake and eating it too."

3.1 Hazard
3.2 LIVE
3.3 Reason

4: On Generalized Reading

Moving away from signaling theory's "writing" paradigm.

4.1 Reason
4.2 Crispy


Intro to Strategic Interactionism

Rescussitating the love-child of Schelling and Goffman.

The Efficient Transaction Hypothesis

Forget fungible value: if someone makes a trade, assume it's efficient.

The Reality-Games-Narratives-Morality Approach

Fictional games sitting atop non-fictional games.

Arguing Definitions As Arguing Decisions

If observable properties, then behavioral consequences.

The Formal Wilderness

All the things formal systems can't do and whether they matter.