the Inexact Science Group

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Conceptual work

Spirit vs. Letter

An intro to surrogation via the lessons of Midas.


An indicator comes to stand in for some indicated whole.


Reason & Rutten 2018: Predictive Hermeneutics

Surprisal, cognitive updating, and the avant-garde.

Situating LessWrong in Contemporary Philosophy (In Progress)

Reinventing the wheel, or breaking new ground?

Discursive Games, Discursive Warfare

Why do people argue different positions depending on who they're talking to?


Intro to Strategic Interactionism

Rescussitating the love-child of Schelling and Goffman.

The Efficient Transaction Hypothesis

Forget fungible value: if someone makes a trade, assume it's efficient.

The Reality-Games-Narratives-Morality Approach

Fictional games sitting atop non-fictional games.

Arguing Definitions As Arguing Decisions

If observable properties, then behavioral consequences.

The Formal Wilderness

All the things formal systems can't do and whether they matter.